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DFE offers private narcotics detection dogs for residential, commercial, and industrial locations, as well as schools and public spaces. We routinely perform searches from small residential to large commercial buildings for any contraband.
Our dogs are trained on the pure odor of real drugs not a simulant.
This includes but not limited to Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, LSD, Ecstasy, Marijuana and Hashish
We provide the services of a narcotics  dog and handler team to conduct searches to the clients requirements. We work for you, we are not a law enforcement agency,  There for, if the K-9 hits on an oder, it is up to the client on how they want to handle the find. Our search services are limited to detecting the odor of drugs in a given area as set out by the client. While a search is conducted the drug dog team will be accompanied by a representative of the client. If an odor is found the dog will indicate its location and the dog handler will then inform the representative that the drug dog has indicated the presence of a drug odour. The action taken after that is entirely up to the client. This is where our services end.
Drug dogs are an effective deterrent when trained and deployed correctly. They can be deployed overtly or discreetly depending on client requirements.   Please contact us for further information about our narcotics  dog training or narcotics dog services.
A growing number of businesses and educational institutions who want to maintain a drug free environment are utilizing our services with random inspections. This is creating and maintaining a strong psychological deterrent to those using or dealing drugs in schools, workplaces and homes.
Be proactive about any drug related issues you may have in your workplace, school or home by discussing your situation with us discreetly and without obligation.

Residential Narcotics Sweep Services

Are you concerned that your children may be using drugs?  Are there friends hiding drugs in your garage?
We know that every child is exposed to these contraband items on an all-to-frequent basis both at schools and at other activities away from home. Children feel safe at home, and if these activities are occurring, they usually will have contraband hidden in the house, or in their vehicle.
Ensuring a contraband-free environment is not as difficult as one would think. However, our program offers you the ability to recognize, understand, and evaluate your home safety.
Peace of mind is important in today's society. We help by providing insight, advice, and guidance when facing the risks that adolescent children, whether yours or others, bring to a home.
We often wonder if questioning our child's honesty or subjecting them to a drug test will diminish their ability or desire to resist peer pressure and impulse. Yes, as parents we should be involved in teaching and raising our children and instilling them with skills to resist all of the negative influences that they are continually bombarded with. Though we also understand that we cannot be continually looking over their shoulder, we can come to your home and offer you peace of mind with minimal, if any, noticeable impact on our child.
Please contact our staff to discuss your options.  All information is strictly confidential.
What occurs during a DFE narcotics residential search?
Prior to the search, we obtain written permission to perform the search while the family (with the exception the property's legal owner or representative with documented power of attorney) is away from the house; this includes pets. The homeowner (or legal representative) must be present at all times during a search. DFE cannot and will not enter a residence without a signed agreement from the legal homeowner or representative. This agreement guarantees the complete confidentiality of the transaction.
The K-9 and handler unit move from room-to-room and if a scent is detected, the dog is trained to alert the DFE  handler who will mark the spot detected by verbally conveying the location to the home owner. The search continues through the rest of the house and vehicles. Searches are performed while the party-of-concern is not present.  Not only does it reduce conflict and anxiety, it helps to retain discretion, should a subsequent search be warranted.
What if DFE finds something?
If the dog identifies a scent, DFE  points out the area where the scent was presented, by the K9, to the legal homeowner or representative. The DFE team does not seek out drugs; it is left to the discretion of the homeowner once the DFE team departs. DFE will NOT locate substances, nor dispose of them; the K9 service provides a detected scent notification within a certain radius, and presents the area to the legal homeowner or representative only. DFE does not document results in its client records.  All alerts and presentations of scent are strictly confidential.

Commercial Narcotics Sweep Services

Why should you care about having a DRUG-FREE workplace?
Substance Abuse in the workplace is Expensive and Dangerous!
Many business owners and managers are aware that drugs are present in the workplace, and that drug related problems undermine the business, but they don't know how to safely manage the problem.
Did tou know that?...
1) America is 5% of the world's population, 
yet consumes 65% of the world's illegal drugs. (D.E.A.)
2) 65% of all work related accidents are the direct result of substance abuse. (O.S.H.A.)
3) Nearly 65% of people entering the workplace have used drugs. 4) 44% have used them in the past year. (N.I.D.A.)
5) 70% of drug users are employed and 35% of all cocaine users sell drugs to coworkers to support their own habit. (D.E.A.)
6) Are a third less productive
7) Are five times more likely to file a Worker's Compensation claim
8) Represent 14 of every 100 American employees
9) Request to leave work early or just"take off" early.
10) Substance abusers incur 300% higher medical costs than non-using employees.
11) 25% of substance abusers steal from their employer.
Substance abusers are:
(According to the American Council for Drug Education)
1) 3.6 times more likely to be in a job related accident
2) 3 times more likely to be late
3) 10 times more likely to miss work
First and foremost, our services are offered with complete discretion and confidentiality.
We have detection dogs that locate illegal drugs, firearms amdexplosives within or around your premises.
If the possible presence of any contraband is indicated by our dogs, our personnel do not perform any search, but rather your company personnel perform the search and determine what action, if any, is to be taken with the results of the search.
We also can provide you with a drug testing kit so you can know exactly what the unknown substances are. 
We work together with management and the workforce to provide a safer and more productive workplace. Our services benefit employees as well as employers.
A drug-free workplace helps:
Lower production costs
Lower medical costs
Decrease absenteeism
Reduce Workmen's Compensation claims
Reduce waste and theft
Obtain greater profits
Employees can be safe from the eroded performance and the dangers resulting from the influence of drug controlled co-workers.
Keeps the support of dedicated employees who attempt to do the job right and who attempt to give an honest day's labor for an honest day's pay.
Employees enjoy higher levels of morale.
Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act requires contractors and grantees to maintain a drug-free workplace.
Publish a Drug-Free Workplace statement and policy.
Establish an ongoing awareness program for employees.
Requires employees to inform employer of drug convictions 
Requires employer to inform Fed. agency of conviction
Requires corrective actions for convicted employee
The DOT Regulations of 1991 require employers with commercial motor vehicles engaged in transportation to implement drug free workplace programs which do the following:
Pre-employment screening
Random testing
Reasonable suspicion testing
Post accident testing
Follow-up testing
And if that's not reason enough, check information and statistics from the United States Department of Labor at


Why would a company use bomb dogs?
Companies looking for protection and defense against acts of terrorism proactively engage in benign search.  Explosive detection dogs can protect from one person to thousands of people.  K9's and their handlers can assist in building public trust even while many businesses cannot afford to lose the revenue after a bomb threat.  Explosive detection dogs can rule out or confirm the presence of dangerous materials in unattended packages, building, and vehicles.  By conducting proactive searches periodically, businesses are able to build community confidence.
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Doesn't it take a lot to make a bomb, how concerned does our company need to be?
Anyone can build a bomb. The books and how-to-videos available from a variety of sources can allow this information to fall into the hands of not just a terrorist, but even angry students, disgruntled employees, cults, psychiatric patients or criminals, and the risk continues to grow.


As adults, one of our primary goals is to provide our children with the best possible education.  Our educational system is funded by all three levels of government– federal, state and local.  To ensure we meet this goal, we build and maintain the most up to date facilities possible as well as hiring the best teachers and administrators available.
In order to take advantage of all of the funding and allow the teachers and administrators an unobstructed opportunity to do their jobs and teach our children at the highest level we must also make every effort to eliminate the most common problem on our middle school and high school campuses today, which is the presence, use and dealing of drugs.
In the past year, 25.6 percent of high school students have been offered, sold or given illegal drugs on school grounds.  5.9 percent of students admit to smoking marijuana one or more times on school grounds..
It is a known fact that drug use is instrumental in lowering overall student performance and leads to an increase in crime.   Drugs and firearms are usually closely linked together, as the use of drugs can often lead to violence.
As it is the goal of all teachers and administrators to maintain a safe school environment which is most conducive to learning, it is imperative to eliminate the presence of drugs in our schools.  The problem exists in our public schools as well as our private schools as 54 percent of students in private schools identified their schools as “drug infested” in a 2012 survey.
Of all the various and many methods used to locate and eliminate drugs in schools, one of the most effective, easiest to facilitate and manage by school administration, least intrusive on the student and economical is the use of detection dogs in schools.
Detection dogs are trained to locate the presence of the odor of illegal and prescription drugs.  The initial  use of these highly trained detection dogs creates a very strong visual impact with the students while the ongoing use  of the detection dogs provides a very real deterrent to possessing, using or dealing drugs on school grounds.
Additionally, schools are within their 4th Amendment rights to allow detection dogs in shcools to sniff the lockers and cars of students and employees.
If you need assistance creating an effective detection dog program to assist with the elimination of drugs at your school contact us at or call us at (609) 982-0333.  We’ll be glad to help you create a custom program to meet all your needs.
TEL: 609-782-0333