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Meet our Master K9 Trainer:  Perry Parks

Perry Parks started his k9 career in the early 80's where as a police officer he would volunteer to take bites from police dogs.  His interest in k9 skyrocketed when he could see what a police dog was capable if well trained.  In 1990 Perry was transfered into K9 with the Medford Police Dept. receiving his first partner, K9 Patton, a 10 dollar dog from the Womans Humane Society in Philadelphia.   Parks received extensive training with Patton and he hit the street.  Within the first 30 days on the street they had there first apprehension, two suspects who bailed out of a stolen car.....Patton got both of them.
Perry started competing in the police K9 world with Patton who did very well.  Parks had numerous finds with K9 Patton like tracking down missing children and elderly suicidal persons.  K9 patton was responsible for many lives saved.  During this time they made a apprehension of a bank robbery suspect and was recognized as an expert in canine in federal court.
 Patton eventually retired from service and Parks obtained a Belgian Malinois named Omar as his next partner.  K9 Omar was a dual purpose dog trained in patrol and narcotics.  Perry began competing with Omar and both made and competed in the Nationals.  Omar also had numerous finds and narcotics arrests.  Parry was Omars 5th handler and he was only 2 years old when he got him.  Perry was able to turn Omar around through training.  Prior to being placed with Perry Parks, K9 Odie was very rough on his handlers and actually put Parks in the hospital for 5 days. however, Perry worked through K9 Odie's issues and became an outstanding team tpgether.
Then 9/11 hit and Perry was reassigned to the NJSP K9 Academy where he earned his trainers certification for both patrol and scent work.  The dogs being trained here were federally funded dogs.  The majority were trainimng for both patrol and explosives.  Perry competed with Odie immediately upon graduation and took 1st and 2nd place in every catagory in his first competition with him.  K9 Odie and Parks went on to compete Nationally.  Perry Parks was then named president of the USPCA region 15 where he certified police dogs and set up trials for certification. Perry remained President for two terms.  
Upon  Retiring frpm police work, Parks continued to persue his passion by training civilian dogs.  Parks teaches obedience and behavioral modifications in the same manner as police dogs.  The obedience Perry teaches civilian dogs is the same as what every police K9 must know. 
Perry Parks has certified and trained over 1000 dogs for both police and civilian alike.

Perry Parks & K9 Odie


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"Don't worry,
we got your back."


  1. Gary Glassman
    Thank you so much DFE, you guys were awesome and it was great to see your dogs work. A job well done.
  2. Jon Ramirez
    Since DFE has been Sweeping my office building, I have seen a significant boost in morale and productivity.
  3. Beth Schaefer
    The work and guidance i received from DFE was greatly appreciated. My I will never be able to thank you guys enough for what you did for my family.
  4. Charles Morgan
    "My wife and I were in denial so my brother hired and paid for DFE to come in and covertly sweep our house. The Canine and Handler were very professional and sympathetic and within a few minutes they found where our son hides his stash. Thank You DFE for a Job well done!